Employment Opportunities Around the Mountain West

Join our team at the Mountain West Conference, where we are on a collective journey to excellence with the mission of Ascend Together. As a thriving intercollegiate athletics conference celebrating our 25th Season, we are stronger than ever. Committed to winning championships, providing a world-class student-athlete experience, and developing impactful leaders, we invite you to be part of our exciting and challenging workplace.

We believe great organizations start with great people, and we are building a team dedicated to providing a world-class student-athlete experience. Fueled by passion, dedication, and commitment, the Mountain West offers an environment where you can contribute to something exceptional. If you are ready to be part of a world-class team, explore our employment opportunities and apply today.

Our membership, from Presidents to Student-Athletes, emphasizes the importance of our collective efforts in navigating challenges and celebrating triumphs. With a focus on adaptability, innovation, and collaboration, we are positioned to lead in the evolving landscape of intercollegiate athletics. The coming months will see a renewed commitment to continuous learning, collaboration, and inclusion, valuing diverse perspectives and encouraging bold thinking.

Join us in elevating the national brand awareness and competitive success of the Mountain West. We are excited about the future and envision a story filled with remarkable achievements and transformative breakthroughs. If you are passionate, dedicated, and ready to contribute to our success, we invite you to be an integral part of the Mountain West’s journey.

Here’s to a future of innovation, collaboration, and unparalleled achievement at the Mountain West Conference.


Intern, Mountain West (Colorado Springs, CO)